This study was conducted to investigate the situation of violence against schoolchildren in mainland Tanzania. Inevitably violence against school children has a negative impact on their learning and also has the potential to variously interfere with their full access and attainment of basic education, thereby infringing on their right to education. Second, according to the Education and Training Policy (ETP) 2014; basic-education (pre-school, primary school & ordinary level secondary school) is compulsory in Tanzania; hence the prevalence of any form of violence may infringe on the realisation of this policy declaration. Third, subsequent to basic education being the compulsory majority of children in Tanzania will spend most of their childhood as pupils/students. This will also make them spend most of their day time in school settings, including en-route to and from schools, and some will spend a larger part of their childhood in students’ hostels or boarding schools. In that respect ascertaining conditions regarding violence in all the settings where school children spend their time is paramount. On the basis of the mentioned reasons, this study explored the nature, prevalence, magnitude, perceptions, and perpetrators of violence against school children in the country.

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