As   the world commemorates the day of the girl child on 11th October this year, TEN/MET joins hands with the global community to reflect on the progress made in ensuring there is considerable investment and awareness that enhance the girl child’s right to equitable, inclusive quality education. In this regard we call upon all stakeholders and governments to take stock of how policy environment and laws have enabled women and girls to enjoy access to quality and inclusive education. Furthermore, we urge all stakeholders to reassess over the past ten years how young women and girls have gained opportunities to participate in leadership, decision making positions and having their voices heard in every decision that affect their lives. Comparatively, we acknowledge a great deal of awareness on education right and gender equity that has to some extent transformed our communities in a better way over the past decade. Yet, investments in girls’ rights and opportunities remain a challenge and girls continue to face a myriad of barriers in fulfilling their potential. This has been made worse by concurrent crises of climate change, COVID-19 and humanitarian conflicts around the world.

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