The Corona Virus COVID-19 pandemic has indeed disrupted not only our daily routines but, it has also presented serious reflection on re –thinking the scale of education effects that will be brought by this pandemic. At a global level there has been a critical socio-economic effects which include Supply shortages which is expected to affect a number of sectors due to panic buying, increased usage of goods to fight the pandemic, and disruption to factories and logistics, stock market falls and over 50 million people across the globe will be rendered jobless. This is an impact of cosmic proportion. The technology industry, in particular, has been warning about delays to shipments of electronic goods, pharmaceuticals and human transportation has been limited. The impact has further been felt in the hospitality industry, horticulture, tourism and all related allied services supporting countless lives.
In a simplicity terms the all world is navigating uncharted waters hence a multiple dimensional approach in dealing with the pandemic is critical. As educational professionals, we are called to assist all students in a manner their safety will be protected against the virus until the spread is contained and dealt with. We are further advised to continue listening and receiving official information from authentic sources with regard to this problem and act in manner that the directives are given. As this communique comes to you there are about 500 million children worldwide who are not going to school currently due to this pandemic. In Tanzania alone about 12 million school aged children are currently forced to halt their studies with immediate effect. TEN/MET commend all government initiatives that are prudent and well calculated in addressing this situation.
In particular i just want to praise all health professionals in the country for putting themselves, and by extension, their families, at risk of exposure to ensure others receive adequate care. The leadership team of TEN/MET and I are proud of the selfless efforts of clinicians, health care workers, hospitals and clinic staff, and the less visible but vitally important supply chain personnel working together to combat the virus. On behalf of TEN/MET leadership, thank you. I constantly urge you to continue keeping us informed with the latest news and development, research and resources on how best to protect ourselves with the virus. I also call upon all suppliers of medical appliances i.e. sanitizers, masks and others related equipment to combat the virus not to use this opportunity to hike prices for personal profits and gains.
Lastly, I wish to remind all students and parents that the schools have been closed at least two weeks before usual time which means there is a portion of the syllabus which has not been covered. On behalf of all students from form one to form four, TEN/MET wishes to inform you that , don’t be discouraged by the closure and don’t just sit at home without engaging into your personal studies. SHULE DIRECT, one of the TEN/MET member has made it so easy for you to study at home through their web platform where all materials covering form one to form four syllabus is accessible for free. We want to encourage you to visit or by downloading the Shule Direct Mobile Application available on Google play and Apple Stores or through SMS by texting MAKINI to 15070 which is available for free on all Mobile networks in Tanzania. Shule direct has availed its digital learning platforms to ensure that the learners are able to access learning materials, notes and questions for their practice. The steps are very easy just register your name, level of your study and user name and you will be ready to go. Please share with your fellow students the richness of the materials available through Shule Direct website.
In this pandemic, TEN/MET is in solidarity with you all take all necessary precautions and care
Ochola Wayoga
National Coordinator

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TEN/M,ET Statement