A Word from the National Coordinator

This fiscal year 2020/21 has been another exciting year as we fulfilled our mandate. We strived to work as a team and endeavored to reach out to our members, communities and engage with policymakers to contribute towards improving access to equitable quality education that is inclusive. Like the previous year, we managed to leave with the threats posed by the COVID-19 pandemic without closing the office as the pandemic evolved to different phases. This year also the country witnessed the untimely passing on of the fifth phase President, the demise of His Excellency Dr. John Pombe Magufuli which brought unexpected dynamics in the country.  Such a dynamic affected the execution of the annual work plan forcing us to re-plan most of our activities like GAWE and IQEC which required the participation of the government. The coming in of the first female President Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan revived hopes of improving girls’ education in the country.

I continued enjoying the support from the Board of Directors making this year one of the successful years. The Secretariat worked hard to ensure that TEN/MET presence and contributions were felt within the Network, the government and the communities through Strategic Plan and interventions. The team improved from 72% of the planned activities in 2019/20 to 81% in 2020/21 despite hurdles faced. This was possible because the team became more organized and interested to excel with close management support. For example, the team went an extra mile in organizing the first International Quality Education Conference in Dar salaam that brought over 200 participants across the globe. The secretariat continued to be resilient, innovative and proactive.

My experience with the network has taught me the importance of having an agile Secretariat and vibrant Network. It motivates me to renew my call to both the Secretariat and members to collaborate and collectively address the huge challenges facing the education sector in Tanzania. We have the conviction that together we can transform our education system to be more relevant, inclusive and of high quality to allow graduates to navigate in life with ease. We wish to increase collective advocacy campaigns and fundraising in the following fiscal year to positively impact the education sector.

Our commitment for the coming year is to be more aggressive and strategic and make maximum use of the opportunities that the year will bring forth as we come to the end of the current Strategic Plan and prepare for the new one. We will continue to leverage and strengthen in-house expertise as we tap into the members’ expertise and experience. TEN/MET will continue to be more resilient and increase member value addition with tangible results. I hope that with a shared vision and commitment we shall reach our highest potential.


Ochola Wayoga

National Coordinator

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