Tanzania Education Network/Mtandao wa Elimu Tanzania (TEN/MET) is a network of 158 education Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working at different levels in Mainland Tanzania since its inception in 1999. TEN/MET envisions ‘a national education system through which every Tanzanian child has the opportunity to engage in quality education’. This vision is achieved through its mission of ‘Coordinating and strengthening vibrant Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Tanzania through networking, capacity building, research, and advocacy. TEN/MET fosters access, equity’ quality, and inclusivity in education.
Education plays an important role in human resources development. It increases the productivity of individuals and produce skills and trained manpower that is capable of leading the economic development. In continuing to realize the importance of education, a girl child should not be left behind and there is a need to continue advocating for the rights of girls’ education in the country, due to the existing cultural practices that hinges girls to access quality and inclusive education.
During TEN/MET’s yearly Global Action Week for Education (GAWE) commemoration event that took place in Dodoma Chemba district in 2020 under a theme “Collective Accountability for Financing Quality Inclusive Education”. GAWE delegates were informed on the number of challenges that impedes access to education including of a girl child which results to students’ truancy and at the end dropping out of school.
As a continuation to unveil various factors that impedes girls access to education in the district and come up with plausible solutions to overcome the challenges. TEN/MET intends to conduct a research on factors impeding girls’ education in chemba district – Dodoma.

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