Tanzania Education Network /Mtandao wa Elimu Tanzania (TEN/MET) is a national education network that works in education sector and have over 140 members ranging from international NGOs, National NGOs, CBOs and CWT . TEN/MET contributes and compliment Government of Tanzania to initiatives and strategies in ensuring access, equity and quality inclusive education for all. TEN/MET as a national umbrella has been in the education forefront for the past two decades contributing immensely in ensuring every Tanzanian Child has an opportunity
to engage and access quality education. TEN/MET hereby invite qualified and suitable candidate to fill the position of the program manager.

To apply please download the detailed advert from here.


Tanzania Education Network/Mtandao wa Elimu Tanzania (TEN/MET), is a National Coalition (NEC) in Tanzania which was awarded a grant from the Education Out Loud (EOL) fund in 2020. As part of the application process for the grant, the TEN/MET presented a project proposal that, among other texts and sections, included a national context analysis, objectives, outcomes, outputs and budget. During the start-up phase the project might have
been improved during a first Year Zero phase and further during implementation, in order to adapt it to the current situation in the country. The project is currently under implementation and will end in December 2021.
Education Out Loud (EOL) fund is established by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) for supporting Civil Society Organisations in their efforts to advocate for improved national public education systems in low-income – and lower-middle income countries with the aim of ensuring that the public national education systems become stronger in producing equality and gender transformative quality education for all, including for marginalized groups. As part of the EOL Operational Component 1 (OC1), EOL supports 50+ National Education Coalitions (NECs) that gather the voices of organisations of those marginalized groups that tend to be discriminated in the national education systems, such as girls and women, people living with disabilities and people living below the poverty line.

EOL OC1 provides support to the National Education Coalitions to enable them to exist and participate with a coordinated voice in education policy discussions to defend the right to education for all and particularly for the marginalized groups. The OC1 grants also support the strengthening of the national education coalitions´ capacities and skills to participate effectively and meaningfully in evidence based and policy-relevant discussions.

For further details, you can download the full ToR document from here.