TEN/MET Secretariat hosted a Press Conference on the 2nd of May 2019 in their offices in Dar es Salaam to inform the Media on the forth coming Global Week for Education (GAWE) which will be held in the District of Handeni in Tanga.
According to TEN/MET National Coordinator Mr Ochola Wayoga, Tanga was selected due to the fact that it has many public schools compared to any region in the country. This in turn signified that a good number of students have access to education which perpetuate enforcement of education as the right.
Handeni district was marked because of the significant improvement in provision of education compared to other districts in Tanga and statistics show that Handeni has managed to control various challenges including dropout rates showing reduced dropout rates (2016 handeni had a dropout rate of 18%, in 2017 48% while in 2018 was controlled up to 77%) Performance rate has also improved significantly over time, In 2016 district performance rate was 62.4, 2017 73.55 while in 2018 it improved to 81.64.