TEN/MET is a national network of 140 Community-Based Organisations (CBOs), national Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), and International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) working in the education sector in Tanzania Mainland. Its core aim is to work and link with other actors in education to advocate for equitable access to quality education and articulate concerns of local communities and support local groups to carry out their advocacy work with an informed collective voice to influence policies for quality inclusive basic education in Tanzania.

TEN/MET activities are guided by a strategic plan that is guided and shaped by five strategic objectives which are:

1.    Strong institutional capacity through Board and Secretariat capable of coordinating the national network;
2.    Develop and coordinate a strong national network of education CSOs linked to international partners;
3.    Equip member CSOs with tools and competencies required to effectively manage change;
4.    Commission robust research into education and governance approaches to inform best practices and
5.    Undertake relevant and impactful advocacy campaigns to drive positive changes in the delivery of education.


Coordinating and strengthening education Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Tanzania through networking, capacity building, research and advocacy


A national education system through which every Tanzanian child has the opportunity to engage in quality education.