TEN/MET is a national network of 184 education CSOs working in the education sector in Tanzania Mainland. TEN/MET envisions a national education system through which every Tanzanian child has the opportunity to engage in quality education. The vision is enriched through its mission of coordinating and strengthening education civil society organizations in Tanzania through networking, capacity building, research, and advocacy.

TEN/MET activities are guided by a strategic plan that is guided and shaped by five strategic objectives which are:

  1. To coordinate education Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) influence decisions in the education system in Tanzania.
    2. To strengthen TEN/MET systems and structures to carry its mandate.
    3. To generate evidence-based best practices locally, regionally and globally to influence educational policy and practices.
    4. To advocate for gender mainstreaming in the education system to secure equitable, inclusive and quality education for learners in Tanzania.
    5. To advocate for the education system that embraces science, Technology, and Innovation to meet the demands of the 4th industrial revolution.


To proactively influence and inform policy and practices that promote access to inclusive, equitable and quality education in Tanzania.


A national education system through which all learners have the opportunity to access inclusive, equitable, and quality education.